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Txotx 2019

Danborrada 2019

Olentzero 2018 - Haur Jolasak

Aberri Eguna 2017

Euskal dantzak


Euskal dantzak

Danborrada 2017

Santamasak Olentzero 2016

Eibar SD Euskal Etxean Maitzak 18

Aberri Eguna 2016

Danborrada 2016

Gabon Kantak 2015

"Euskadi, con mucho gusto"

El Imperio Vasco


Gero esaten dute euskara eta euskaldunak ez garela ezagunak. Toma esa
The Kelly Family son una banda pop / folk / rock con más de 30 años de carrera y varios millones de discos vendidos en Europa, constituida por un grupo de hermanos y hermanas nacidos en Estados Unidos, España, Irlanda y Alemania. En total los Kelly Family son doce hermanos. Y mira qué TEMAZO cantan en un concierto de los suyos!



Please go to and enjoy more great music from our friends John and Maite.


E-mail from John Kelly:
Dear team of the New York Basque Club,

This is John Kelly, one of the members of the Kelly Family (as a reference, the one that speaks in the middle of the video you posted in your web site) :-)
I just write to you to say thank you! Yesterday somebody called me to tell me that our video of "Agur Jaunak" in Loreley (Germany) appeared on the Basque TV because somehow, between some Basque forum and your web site, it had reached the Basque audience, and the video got to be very visited in the last days. What a surprise!

Somehow, it touches me that our music got to you, especially because we come from an Irish family that had to leave Ireland back then, to start a new life in the States, and after some generations destiny decided that my brothers and I had to build our lives in Europe again. Right now I feel privileged to live just one hour away from Donosti (I visit it very often, with my Basque wife :-) We live in Pamplona. The rest of my brothers and sisters live all over Europe, including Ireland.

The Basque people have always meant very much to my family. We spent a very intensive and important period of our early years here. 

So a big hello from Pamplona and hope to visit you one day in the club!
Kind regards,
John Kelly
Dear Julian,
This is incredible what's going on... it is already almost 40000 visits in a few days in Youtube. I'm as touched as you are...
In moments like this, my parents come to my mind (they passed away...)
I wrote a text about how the "Agur Jaunak" came to us and how much importance it has for us. I would love to send it to you as a thank you. (let me finish the last lines)
Julian, whenever I go to New York, I'll let you know, it will be nice to meet you.
Thanks for everything,
Euskal Herria Basque Country  Pays Basque  Pais Vasco


Glimpses of the Basque Country


Donostia...San Sebastian



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